HS Vir: May superoutburst

As reported by R. Srubbings on April 8, the SU UMa-type dwarf nova HS Vir is reported to be undergoing a relatively bright (13.8mag) outburst. The last reported (presumable) superoutburst occurred in 1999 May, when the object was first reported at mv=14.1, then slowly rose to mv=13.4 (vsnet-alert 4592). The outburst seems to be a normal one. The other outburst was detected by A. Pearce on May 21 at 14.2mag (vsnet-campaign 121). CCD time-resolved photometry by S. Kiyota on 24 May has confirmed the presence of definite superhumps (vsnet-campaign 128). On June 4, HS Vir was reported at 15.0, at the terminal stage of this superoutburst (vsnet-campaign 173).

Light Curve and General Information of This Object