HadV48: An eclipsing binary ?

K. Haseda discovered the new variable star HadV48 and reported to VSNET on April 12. The object remain at about 11.2mag until abrupt fading to <13.0 mag on April 1 (vsnet-alert 4611). On April 13, S. O'Connor reported HadV48 has apparently recovered to 11.55mag from the minimum on April 1 (vsnet-alert 4615). T. Kato suggested this may be a large-amplitude eclipsing vatiable (vsnet-alert 4616). K. Takamizawa reported his observations since 1994 from his patrol photographs. In the data, occasional deep fadings are seen, as reported by Haseda. Takamizawa commented the apparently increased frequency of faint observations in this season (vsnet-alert 4621). T. Kato provided a tentative period of 2.997 day using above data. The suggested period is very close to three siderial days, which may explain the lack of fading episodes observed in Japan for the period 1996-1999 (vsnet-alert 4622).