FS Aur: A candidate of a very short period dwarf nova

On February 2, G. Poyner reported that the short-orbital cataclysmic variable FS Aur experienced a relatively bright (14.5mag) outburst (vsnet-obs 26202). The object has an orbital period close to the CV period minimum, but no definite superhump detection has been achieved (vsnet-alert 4141). J. Patterson reported in [vsnet-alert 4143] that the object had shown well-defined photometric period of 0.143 d, and J. Thorstensen had shown its radial velocity period of 0.0595 d. T. Kato reported in [vsnet-alert 4145] that they have been following the target for past five years, including some "outburst" photometry, and with these obsevations, very interesting periodicities and "flares" and their relation to the outburst state have been clarified.

The other outburst was detected by G. Poyner on March 1 at 14.5mag (vsnet-alert 4316).

Light Curve and General Information of This Object