FBS 2351+228 (= NSV26158): August outburst of a red star?

As reported by T. Vanmunster in [vsnet-alert 5176], this poorly known (and NR: in NSV) object began an outburst (13.9mag) on August 9 (vsnet-campaign 418). T. Kato reported that the previous outburst of this object was observed in 1999 September with the maximum of 14.3mag, reported by L. T. Jensen and confirmed by T. Kinnunen (vsnet-campaign 421). The Ouda team obtained multicolor CCD photometry, which seems to suggest that the outburst is rather red (vsnet-campaign 423). O. Trondal reported the observation (14.8mag on August 10) and the URL which includes a picture and a low resolution spectrum: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Garage/9531/nsv26185.htm (vsnet-campaign 424). Two nights (August 08/09 and 10/11) of extensive CCD photometry at CBA Belgium Observatory, have yielded a flat light curve, showing no obvious modulations (vsnet-campaign 426).

General Information of This Object