EK TrA: March normal and November probable superoutburst

The SU UMa-type dwarf nova EK TrA experienced a bright (11.4mag) outburst (relatively rare) as reported by R. Stubbings on March 20. The latest repored outburst (normal outburst) occurred in 1999 Feb (mv=11.5, R. Stubbings). The star showed a well-defined superoutburst in 1997 July with a remarkable precursor outburst (J. Hers and B. Monard). (vsnet-alert 4433). The object rapidly fading from this bright outburst. The outburst looks like a bright, normal outburst (vsnet-alert 4440, 4449). The other outburst was detected by R. Stubbings on November 20 at 11.4mag (vsnet-campaign-dn 250. Gradual decline trend during this outburst was interrupted by rapid fading reported on November 27. It seems to be a superoutburst (vsnet-campaign-dn 256.

Light Curve and General Information of This Object