Dwarf Novae

AW And: November outburst
KV And: December outburst
KW And: March and October outbursts
LX And: Short term modulations ?
V402 And: New member of SU UMa-type dwarf nova
DH Aql: August superoutburst
PQ Aql: September (super?)outburst
V725 Aql: August normal outburst
V1141 Aql: July and August outbursts
BF Ara: A candidate of the first southern ER UMa-type dwarf nova ?
FS Aur: A candidate of a very short period dwarf nova
HT Cam: Two Outbursts with very short durations
EP Car: Possible short time modulations during February outburst
OY Car: Two superoutbursts of the eclipsing SU UMa star in 2000
V452 Cas: September superoutburst
BV Cen: 2000 April - May outburst
V359 Cen: The third historical outburst in May
V436 Cen: January and June outburts
V591 Cen: Relatively rare outburst on December
V803 Cen: Striking oscillations
FX Cep: No short-term modulations during outbursts
Z Cha
AQ CMi: 2000 February outburst; normal ?
AK Cnc: Superoutburst in 2000 February
VW CrB: September superoutburst
TU Crt: April fast outburst
TV Crv: March normal outburst
V503 Cyg: Outburst pattern changed
V550 Cyg: Large-amplitude outburst on August
V632 Cyg: October rare outburst
V767 Cyg
V792 Cyg
V811 cyg: September long outburst
V1028 Cyg: November outburst (normal?)
V1113 Cyg: October outburst
V1504 Cyg: Increased outburst activity
CP Dra: Outburst in May 2000
DM Dra: Long bright outburst on October
ES Dra: A rare outburst on October
IX Dra: A candidate of ER UMa
AQ Eri: Possible superoutburst in August-September
BF Eri: 3-hr periodic modulation during a decay phase from an outburst
U Gem
AW Gem: Superoutburst in April
KZ Gem: January and October outbursts
UV Gem: December outburst
V544 Her: October outburst
V592 Her
V660 Her
V844 Her: July outburst of the short-period system
V1008 Her: No modulation during July outburst
RU Hor: November outburst
CT Hya: Normal outbursts and December superoutburst
LY Hya: Suspected SU UMa star
TT Ind: Possible long outburst of an SS Cyg star on July
RZ Leo: Extremely rare outburst on December
SX LMi: January and March outbursts
BR Lup: Superoutburst in 2000 July
DM Lyr: Possible superoutburst on July
V344 Lyr: Unusual short outbursts
V493 Lyr: Long period SS Cyg-type dwarf nova?
CW Mon: January outburst showing multiple periodic modulations
AB Nor: A new member of SU UMa-type dwarf novae
AO Oct: Large amplitude outbust in 2000 September
V2051 Oph: Some outbursts of the eclipsing SU UMa-type dwarf nova
BD Pav: Long outburst in May - June
IP Peg: Long outburst in October - November
V368 Peg: August - September superoutburst
PV Per: September normal outburst
QY Per: Very rare superoutburst in January
UV Per: Rare superoutburst on December
TY PsA: December superoutburst
TY Psc: October superoutburst
MT Pup: A large amplitude CV ?
VZ Pyx: Two superoutbursts
MM Sco: July bright outburst
V893 Sco: Some normal outbursts and no superoutburst
NY Ser
QW Ser(=TmzV46): New SU UMa-type dwarf nova
AW Sge: A new member of SU UMa-type dwarf novae
V551 Sgr: Relatively rare outburst on April
V730 Sgr: Small-amplitude outburst?
V3774 Sgr
HW Tau
KK Tel: Suspected SU UMa-star
WY Tri: New member of SU UMa-type dwarf nova
EK TrA: March normal and November probable superoutburst
BC UMa: Very rare outburst showing WZ Sge-like features
BZ UMa: Normal outburst in May
CH UMa: Bright outburst in April
CY UMa: December superoutburst
IY UMa: A new deeply eclipsing SU UMa-type dwarf nova
SW UMa: Very rare superoutburst in February - March
V383 Vel: December outburst of the new dwarf nova
HS Vir: May superoutburst
SY Vol: Large amplitude dwarf nova?
V405 Vul: New SU UMa star located at the upper border of the period gap
RX J0459.7+1926: A new member of SU UMa-type dwarf nova
RX J0640-24: an SU UMa-type candidate
RX J0909.8+1849: New eclipsing dwarf nova
RX J1155.4-5641: SS Cyg type outbursts
RX J1450.5+6403: A new member of SU UMa-type dwarf nova
RX J2315.5-3049: Very fast superoutburst ?
LBQS 1432-0033: a new eclipsing SU UMa-type dwarf nova
1E 1719.1-1946: a new member of SU UMa stars?
1H 1933+510: not a nova-like variable, but a dwarf nova
NSV08383: September outburst
NSV14652: August (super?) outburst
Var64: February outburst with no humps