DO Dra: November outburst of the intermediate polar

As reported by C. Jones, P. Schmeer and other observers on November 16, the intermediate polar with rare dwarf nova-type(-like?) outbursts showed a major outburst at about 11mag (vsnet-campaign 558). R. Ishioka, Kyoto team performed a time-series photometry at Kyoto on November 17 and found the object became fainter (R=11.4mag) than the peak, which showed the object had rapidly faded (vsnet-campaign-ip 3, 7, 9). R. Ishioka reported that the light curve observed at Kyoto on November 19 showed three humps with the period about 28 min (vsnet-campaign-ip 8). K. Mukai and his collaborators performed TOO observations of DO Dra with the RXTE satellite on November 19, 20, and 21 (vsnet-campaign-ip 4).

Light Curve and General Information of This Object