CW Mon: January outburst showing multiple periodic modulations

H. Itoh detected an outburst of CW Mon at 13.4mag on January 3 (vsnet-alert 3952, vsnet-alert 3953). The last outburst ocurred in 1999 February 10 at 13.6mag detected by R. Stubbings (vsnet-alert 3958). T. Vanmunster performed a 3.6-hour run during the outburst. The light curve clearly showed a (complex) combination of periodic modulations (0.051 d, 0.081 d, ...). The data is available at: [vsnet-alert 3963]. Using T. Vanmunster's data, E. Broens suggested the other candidates of periods of 0.028 d (40 min) and 0.100 d (2.4 h) (vsnet-alert 3973). W. S. G. Walker performed 5.5 hours run on January 8 and reported there are eclipses ~0.4 mags depth at 2000 Jan 08.40231 and Jan 08.57692 (vsnet-alert 3975), and he posted the data set to vsnet-alert 3976. L. Cook combined these data including his own data set, and perform PDM period analysis which yielded a period-power diagram available at:, and the data was posted at: (vsnet-alert 3977). Using the Lancelot method on Vanmunsters observations, M. Martignoni found similar results obtained by E. Broens: 0.0264 d (38 min.), 0.0528 d (2 times the base period), 0.0766 (3 times?) and 0.1041 d, and on Walker observations, found 0.0236 d (34 min.) in good agreement with results on Vanmunster data (vsnet-alert 3985, vsnet-alert 3990).

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