CT Hya: Normal outbursts and December superoutburst

January, February, and March outbursts

The SU UMa-type dwarf nova CT Hya experienced an outburst at 14.7mag on January 10 as reported by R. Stubbings. The latest superoutburst of CT Hya occurred in 1999 Februrary, when a campaign was conducted by the Kyoto team, Rudolf Novak and Seiichiro Kiyota (IBVS 4974). There remained an unsolved phase shift of a superhump during this run (see IBVS 4794). (vsnet-alert 4002). The outburst seems to be rapidly fading, which indicating a normal outburst (vsnet-alert 4007). The other outburst was reported by R. Stubbings on February 6 at the magnitude of 14.8. The outburst interval of 27 d is the shortest ever observed in this object (GCVS period 151.7 d) (vsnet-alert 4130). As reported by A. Henden, the rapid fading of the current outburst was confirmed. This is also a normal one (vsnet-alert 4135, vsnet-alert 4139). On March 29, R. Stubbings again reported an outburst at 14.2mag and again faded rapidly (vsnet-alert 4498).

November - December Superoutburst

As reported by R. Stubbings et al. on November 29, the other ourburst was detected (vsnet-campaign-dn 274, 280). S. Kiyota has reported his time-series photometry on December 1,2,4,5 (vsnet-campaign-data 47, 48, 49, 50), and L. Cook reported that using combined data on December 2 and 4, the period analysis shows the candidates of 0.0664 day and 0.0688 day (vsnet-campaign-data 52).

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