BF Eri: 3-hr periodic modulation during a decay phase from an outburst

S. Kerr reported an outburst (12.6mag) of BF Eri on November 29 (vsnet-outburst 1030). R. Ishioka (Kyoto team) confirmed the outburst at 12.6mag (vsnet-campaign 564, 568). The fading from the outburst was observed around December 3. (vsnet-campaign-dn 276, vsnet-campaign-dn 283). R. Ishioka and Kyoto team reported the detection of short-term modulations which seem to have a periodicity of about three hours from their observation on November 29 - December 4 (vsnet-campaign-dn 281). The observations by R. Stubbings on December 4 and 5 showed that the fading from the outburst may be stopped at 14.2mag (vsnet-campaign-dn 288).

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