BD Pav: Long outburst in May - June

On May 25, A. Pearce reported the SS Cyg-type dwarf nova BD Pav occurred one of its relatively rare outbursts at 15.0mag. R. Stubbings reported it brightened to 13.8mag on May 26. The last reported outburst occurred in 1998 November. According to Barwig (Astron. Astrophs. 124, 287, 1983), the object is a grazing eclipser (depth 0.5 mag) with a period of 0.1793015 d (vsnet-campaign 132). The outburst lasted for more than two weeks. This duration is considerably longer than the 1998 one (vsnet-campaign 164). The object finally entered the decline stage around June 10 (vsnet-campaign 196, 199, 223).

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