SN 2000P: a type IIn supernova

IAUC 7378 informed the SN discovery by French amateur Robin Chassagne on Mar. 8.03 UT at 14.1C (vsnet-alert 4363, vsnet-alert 4365, vsnet-alert 4366, vsnet-alert 4368). The recession velocity of the group of galaxies including this host is about 2000 km/s, which indicate that the typical SN Ia can become brigter than 14 mag at its maximum. From the discovery magnitude, it should be among the SN of the bright nature (vsnet-alert 4369). J. Llapasset performed a spectroscopic observation on March 8 and presented spectra at: (vsnet-alert 4371). H. Yamaoka reported in [vsnet-alert 4371]: The above spectrum reveals that it is of type II in the early phase. The continuum is quite blueish. From the absence of blueshifted H-alpha absorption and the feature of the H-alpha emission, it is possibly of a type IIn, whose nature is not understood well (vsnet-alert 4384).