SN 2000er: a young supernova, also quite bright

According to IAUC 7528, R. Chassagne has discovered his 4th SN in this year in the southern galaxy PGC 9132 = ESO 115-G009 at mag 15.1. The position is 27" east and 16" south of the center of PGC 9132. The spectroscopy has been done at ESO, which reveals that it is quite peculiar object as a SN. Only the very narrow (\sim 800 km/s) feature with P-Cyg profile at 607 nm (which can be of He I or Na I) is detected other than the blue continuum. It can suggest that it is a young SN. Also, it is quite bright: the discovery magnitude is mag 1.5 brighter than normal SNeIa on this distance, and the follow-up on ESO (V = 16.7 on November 26.17) is also as bright as the maximum of SNeIa despite that an usual SN Ib is 1-2 mag dimmer than SNeIa (vsnet-campaign-sn 113, 115). SN 2000er was observed at mag 15.4CR on November 28 (vsnet-campaign-sn 118).