SN 2000dx: a type Ia supernova brighter than expected

H. Yamaoka forwarded a content of IAUC 7514 which reports a new supernova, SN 2000dx. SN 2000dx was discovered on October 30.3 UT at mag about 17.3 and became slightly brighter on the next day. The position is about 8" east and 12" south of the nucleus of ring-shaped spiral galaxy UGC 1775. The spectrum of SN 2000dx shows that it is of type Ia a few days before maximum. Typical SN Ia on this galaxy is mag about 17.1. If it will rise from the discovery magnitude, it should have a bright nature (vsnet-campaign-sn 105). H. Yamaoka forwarded the observation report by M. Frederick which shows the magnitude of 15.26 on November 8. This value is nearly 2 mag brighter than the expected in [vsnet-campaign-sn 105] (vsnet-campaign-sn 107). Its brightness seems to pass a peak (about 15.3 mag) in the early November (vsnet-campaign-sn 110). And then, the object is fading from the peak (vsnet-campaign-sn 114).