SN 2000ds

23 H. Yamaoka wrote in [vsnet-campaign-sn 102] that T. Puckett and his colleague has discovered a new faint SN 2000ds in NGC 2768. Its position is about 9" west and 32" south of the center of this elliptical or lenticular galaxy. The magnitude at the time of its discovery is 17.9 on October 10.40. Such an early type galaxy as NGC 2768 are thought to produce only SNeIa. The recession velocity of NGC 2768 is 1373 km/s, so the expected maximum of typical SNeIa is about mag 13. Almost the same brightness in 2 days suggest that it is not a young SN Ia. And, typical SNeIa 140 days after maximum is about 3-4 mag dimmer than at maximum. A. V. Filippenko reports on IAUC 7511 that SN 2000ds would be of type Ib SN. The spectrum suggests that it is an old supernova (vsnet-campaign-sn 104).