SN 2000do: slightly dimmer than expected?

IAUC 7500 informed the discovery of SN 2000do in the southern galaxy NGC 6754. It is of type Ia around maximum, and now at mag 15.6. SN 2000do was discovered on Sept. 30.5 visually by an Australian amateur Brett White, who had also discovered SN 1998dq on the same galaxy. Also, SN 1998X was on this galaxy. The spectrum of SN 2000do shows that it is of normal type Ia SN a few days after maximum. However, SN Ia 1998dq was mv = 14.3 around its discovery. The expected maximum of typical SN Ia is mag 14.9. SN 2000do can be affected by extinction, or of a slightly dim nature (vsnet-campaign-sn 100).