SN 2000dj: a type-II supernova appeared near SN 1972L

The Lick KAIT team has discovered a mag 17 SN, SN 2000dj. The reported brightness indicate that this SN is in the rising phase. H. Yamaoka commented in [vsnet-campaign-sn 69] that NGC 735 has produced another SN 1972L, and it is quite close to the reported position of SN 2000dj (vsnet-campaign-sn 72, 73). H. Yamaoka calculated the position of SN 2000dj to be R.A. = 1h56m40s.56, Decl. = +34o10'12".4 which is almost consistent with KAIT position within the error. B. Skiff performed astrometry on SN 1972L, which has been suggested to locate near SN 2000dj, which yields 1h56m40s.6 +34d10m14s (3"-5" error) (vsnet-campaign-sn 74). H. Yamaoka forwarded the IAUC 7491 which revealed SN 2000dj to be a real type II SN (vsnet-campaign-sn 79, 87).