SN 2000C: an atypically bright type-Ic supernova

As IAUC 7348 informed, SN 2000C has been discovered on Jan. 8.789 UT by an English astronomer S. Foulkes, and on Jan 12.95 UT by an Italian astronomer M. Migliardi. The host galaxy is somewhat irregular one, having bright barred nucleus (east to west) and surrounding disk. As D. Bishop, ISN, has pointed out, SN 1998Y was observed on the very near position of the current one. The recession velocity of the host galaxy is about 3800 km/s, from which the expected maximum of SNeIa on this galaxy is about 15.0 mag ( vsnet-alert 4052). Y. Sano has reported a bright magnitude (144C or 147C:depending on the reference stars) for SN 2000C at January 18.5 UT. It is quite brighter than typical SNeIa or SN 1998bw hyprenova model (vsnet-alert 4065, vsnet-alert 4068)). According to IAUC 7352, the Asiago group and the CfA group has determined it as a type Ic supernova around maximum. Both says that it resembles to that of typical SN Ic 1987M. The brightness of SN 2000C is, however, very brighter than typical SNeIc (vsnet-alert 4095).