1H 1933+510: not a nova-like variable, but a dwarf nova

C. Bryja reported that this variable, which was originally identified as a nova-like, to be more than three magnitudes high on July 23. S. O'Connor reported that it was at 15.8mag on July 24, and confirmed the outburst ( vsnet-campaign 392, vsnet-campaign 393, vsnet-campaign 394). A rather hasty fade was reported on July 25 by S. O'Connor (16.5mag) ( vsnet-campaign 395, vsnet-campaign 398). Another outburst was reported by S. O'Connor at 15.8mag on August 4 (vsnet-campaign 408). T. Vanmunster performed CCD photometry on August 04/05 and reported that the resulting light curve shows some small modulations, but clearly nothing related to superhumps (vsnet-campaign 411). G. Tovmassian and S. Zharikov got the spectrum which looks very similar to Dwarf Novae in outburst ( vsnet-campaign 413). S. O'Connor reported an outburst on August 18 in [vsnet-obs 29195] (vsnet-campaign 430).