1E 1719.1-1946: a new member of SU UMa stars?

P. Schmeer reported the second ever recorded outburst (15 mag) of this object on April 19 (vsnet-alert 4641). He subsequently reported that it was still bright on April 20.435 UT, and suggested it is at a supermaximum. The only previously observed outburst was detected by him on a 1999 October 11 (vsnet-alert 3571), but contrary to the brightening on 2000 April, this previous one was very short ( vsnet-alert 4651). T. Vanmunster performed a time-series photometry on April 19/20. His light curve supports P. Schmerr's suggestion as the curve shows part of (likely) a superhump - amplitude at least 0.3 mag. The time basis of the observation was too short to derive any period (vsnet-alert 4659).