LBQS 1432-0033: a new eclipsing SU UMa-type dwarf nova

The second outburst in 2000 April

P. Schmeer reported the second ever recorded outburst of this CV on April 6. On unfiltered CCD images taken with the IRO the object was faint on April 4.378 UT, rising on 5.376 UT, and at mag 14-15 on 6.378 UT. The only previously observed outburst was detected by R. Stubbings on 1999 May 10.446 UT at mv= 15.0 ( vsnet-alert 2965). That outburst lasted at least 10 days. Since no time-resolved photometry was attempted it is not known whether the 1999 May event was a long outburst of an SS Cyg-type dwarf nova or a supermaximum (vsnet-alert 4571 ,vsnet-alert 4573).

Detection of both superhumps and eclipses during 2000 June outburst

In response to the outburst (14.9mag on June 24) reported by R. Stubbings (vsnet-alert 5030), T. Vanmunster observed it, and the resultant light curve clearly showed a superhump-like profile with an amplitude of about 0.6 mag (vsnet-alert 5037, vsnet-campaign 257). As reported by T. Vanumuster in [ vsnet-alert 5052], the system has been confirmed to be a genuine eclipsing SU UMa-type dwarf nova with detection of 0.9mag eclipses in June 26 - 30 lightcurve ( vsnet-campaign 279). The object was slightly faded from the superoutburst since June 24 ( vsnet-campaign 297).

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