SN 1998dh in NGC 7541

(CCD image by S. Massaro, July 20 and 28)

(vsnet-alert 1984)

Dear SN watchers,

According to IAUC 6978, the Lick group has discovered an apparent supernova in NGC 7541, which is SBbc galaxy and makes a group with NGC 7537. The location of this new object is: R.A. = 23h14m40s.31, Decl. = +04d32'14".1 (2000.0). The offset from the nucleus of the host is about 54" west and 10" north. Note that there is a foreground star (or the condensation in the host galaxy) at 64" west and 10" north from the nucleus, and confusing other knots exist. The image taken by S. Massaro on 20.5 UT is available at

SN 1998dh was 16.8 mag at July 20.5UT and rised to 15.3 mag at 24.5 UT (unfiltered CCD mag). Surely it is in the rapid-rising phase! The spectroscopy has not reported, but also its type.

Typical SNeIa on this distance will shine at 14.4 mag around its maximum. Followup photometry and spectroscopy are highly recommended.

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

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