SN 1998aq in NGC 3982

(vsnet-alert 1679)

Dear SN fans,

Another SN was discovered by English amateur astronomer M. Armstrong. This SN is very remarkable!

According to IAUC 6875, discovery was made on Apr 13.05UT when SN was 14.9 mag. The host galaxy is Sbc galaxy NGC 3982. The location of the new star is R.A. = 11h56m26s.00, Decl. = +55o07'38".8 (2000.0), which is 18" west and 7" north of the center of the host. Type definition has not been reported yet. On Apr. 13.8 exposure, this new star was about 14.5 mag, which indicates that this SN should be on the brightening phase (very early phase).

The distance module of the host galaxy NGC 3982 is m-M = 31.15 (from Turry's nearby galaxy catalog), which shows that this galaxy is on the same distance with Virgo cluster. NGC 3982 = UGC 6918 = IRAS 11538+5524 = PGC 37520 is Seyfert 2 galaxy, and also detected by ROSAT. Typical SNeIa on Virgo distance would be about 12 mag or so at their maximum (without reddening), and a some (~2mag) dimmer if it is of other types. Following photometries and spectroscopic observations are strongly urged. Especially it can provide the nature of SN on very early phase.

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan


(vsnet-alert 1681)

Dear All,

SN 1998aq has been remarkably brightening after 2 days from the discovery. It shined at 14.0 mag on Apr 15.9 UT, which is 0.9 mag brighter than the discovery image (G. Hurst, Priv. Comm.).

Dr. Ayani has obtained a spectram of SN 1998aq on Apr 15.6UT, which indicates that it is of type Ia. This result has submitted to IAUC. It will be expected to reach 12.5 mag or so at its maximum.

SN 1998aq is the nearest SN Ia after SN 1996X. Continuous photometry and spectroscopy (and observations in other bands) are doubtlessly urged.

Best wishes, 
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

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