Peculiar SN 1997ef in UGC 4107

(vsnet-alert 1358)

According to IAUC No. 6778, Y. Sano (Hokkaido, Japan) discovered a possible supernova in UGC 4107.

   07h 57m 02s.82  (J2000.0)
   +49o 33' 40".2
   (10" E, 20" S of the center of UGC 4107)

   1997 Nov. 25.582 16.7 (Sano)
             26.81  16.1 (Kushida)

IAUC also tells that the spectrum taken by P. Garnavich et al. shows unusual, only broad features. For a detail, see the corresponding IAUC issue. Follow-up observations are encourged.

Taichi Kato

(vsnet-alert 1376)

SN1997ef (in UGC 4107)

(Re: vsnet-alert 1358)

According to IAUC 6783, Sano's object in UGC 4107 has been confirmed to be a supernova showing a peculiar spectrum. For a detail, see the corresponding IAUC issue. The observations by the BAO team indicate that the supernova is still rising. Follow-up observations are encouraged.

Taichi Kato

CCD images

B, V and I-band images taken at Ouda Station

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