SN 1996bo in NGC 673

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IAUC No. 6497 (Oct. 24) tells the discovery of a supernova in NGC 673 independetly by Weidong Li et al. and by Mark Armstrong.

The supernova is located at 6" east to the nuclues of the galaxy (01h 48m 22s.80 +11o 31' 15".8 J2000.0). Estimated magnitudes on Oct. 18: V=16.5, R=16.5.

Spectroscopic observation on Oct. 24.10 by M. Turatto et al. (ESO) confirms that the supernova is of type Ia, about a week BEFORE maximum.

We have also received via T. Hirayama (National Astronomical Observatory, Japan) a report of an independent discovery by K. Okazaki, Japan.

Taichi Kato (VSNET sub-manager)

K. Okazaki, Kahoku-machi, Yamagata-ken, Japan, reports his independent discovery with a 0.28-m f/6.3 Schmidt-Cassegrain + unfiltered ST-6 CCD of an apparent supernova (mag about 15) on 1996 Oct. 24.65 UT, located about 10" east of the nucleus of NGC 673. The image appaears on more than 10 CCD frames taken on Oct. 24.65-24.69 UT.

T. Hirayama, National Astronomical Observatory, Tokyo, Japan

CCD image

V-band Chart

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