Supernova SN 1996an in NGC 1084

IAUC No. 6442 tells the discovery of a 14-th mag supernova in NGC 1084 by Masakatsu Aoki (Toyama, Japan) from a CCD image taken on 1996 July 27.772. The object is located 15" east and 22" north to the nucleus of NGC 1084.

  02h 46m 00s.83
  -7o 34' 20".3   (J2000.0)  measured by Y. Kushida

Spectroscopic observation by S. Benetti et al. confirmed the supernova nature of the object. Their spectrum suggested a type-II supernova approximately 2 months after explosion.

VSNET chart

(measured by D. Nogami on Aug. 11)

CCD image

CCD image taken at Ouda Station (observer Daisaku Nogami)

CCD image taken at Ouda Station (observer H. Baba)

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