Variable star near NGC 4013 = SN1989Z?

(CCD image kindly provided by Y. Sano)

(vsnet-alert 1804)

Variable star near NGC 4013 = SN1989Z?

IAUC No. 6911 tells the discovery a variable star near NGC 4013 by D. Bettoni. The object (mag 12) lies 7" E 8" N of NGC 4013. The object may be identical with SN 1989Z (IAUC 5162). Spectroscopy by Hjorth and Benetti indicates an A-type spectrum. For more details, see IAUC 6911.

The large amplitude of variation (~5 mag) and the hydrogen absorption lines at maximum may indicate this object may be a catalysmic variable caught in outburst. Follow-up observations, including time-resolved photometry, are strongly encouraged.

Taichi Kato

Observation by Y. Sano

(vsnet-alert 1805)

FROM:Nayoro Hokkaido obs Yasuo sano

Variabie star near NGC4013

-- new star Observations ----

object         YYMMDD      mag     code
New STAR       980521.553  12.5C    San

Observer's code: San: Y. Sano (Nayoro, Hokkaido)
Instruments: 28cm-SCT + ST-6  40s exp.   
Magnitudes based on 5 GSC stars, measured using Astrometrica
               RA     11 58 32
               DEC   +43 56 55 

                         Yasuo sano(
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