Nova Sagittarii 1996

(vsnet-alert 487)

IAUC No. 6443 (Aug. 4) tells the discovery of an apparent nova by Yukio Sakurai. The object was reported at magnitude 10 on July 11.6 and 12.6 The accurate position measured by T. Kojima is:

  18h 23m 42s.49
 -18o 07' 15".0    (J2000.0)

The object has been spectroscopically confirmed to be a nova by R. M. Wagner and P. Martini. The spectrum suggested an early decline stage of a relatively slow nova.

VSNET will provide updated information of the nova through mailing lists and the WWW home page.

Taichi Kato (VSNET sub-manager)

Photographic observations by K. Takamizawa

(vsnet-alert 488)

Following magnitude estimates have been reported by K. Takamizawa upon examination of his photographs taken in June and July. The Aug. 4 observation shows the nova a little bit fainter.

Photographic magnitude estimates by VSOLJ members

object         YYMMDD(UT)   mag  code
SGRnova1996    960619.631  <155P Tmz.VSOLJ
SGRnova1996    960712.599  106P  Tmz.VSOLJ
SGRnova1996    960804.528  110P  Tmz.VSOLJ

Observer's code:
  Tmz: Kesao Takamizawa (Nagano, Japan)  10cmR F4  Tmax400 2B

Early post-maximum fluctuation

(vsnet-alert 516)

Following observations reported to vsnet-obs seem to indicate Nova Sgr 1996 is undergoing a distinct re-brightening.

1996 Aug. 14.72   12.2   B. Monard 
          15.348  11.75V S. Kiyota (CCD, V-band)
          16.748  12.0   B. Monard
          16.892  11.8   B. Minard
          17.547  11.71V D. Nogami, Ouda Station (CCD, V-band)
          17.553  11.8   S. Takahashi
          17.714  11.6   B. Monard
          17.84   11.9   R. Fidrich
          17.895  11.5   B. Monard
          18.483  10.62V S. Kiyota (CCD, V-band)

Confirmation is strongly encouraged. Such large amplitude fluctuations during the early post-maximum stage of novae were observed markedly in V443 Sct (Nova Sct 1989), and more recently in Nova Sgr 1994 No.2, the latter accompanied by a subsequent deep dust minimum. Close monitoring of another variety of recent series of "slow novae" would be interesting.

Taichi Kato

Farrell's comment

(vsnet-alert 522)

Nova Circini 1995 also showed similar behaviour, starting a couple of weeks after maximum. Very interesting to watch, because you could never be sure what it would be doing next....

Fraser Farrell

Variable Stars Group
Astronomical Society of South Australia

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