V4741 Sgr = Nova Sgr 2002

(vsnet-discovery-nova 47)
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 13:59:25 -0400
From: "W.Liller" 
Subject: Poss. nova
Hola All,

I found what appears to be a nova at (2000) RA = 18h 0.1m; Dec -30d 54'.

Mag 9.2 with Tech Pan film and an orange filter. Image appears on two films taken at UT Apr. 15.354. Nothing brighter than mag 11.5 was at that position on a pair of films taken on Apr. 11.40. No bright asteroids are in the region.

If the weather stays reasonable, I will be able to get a better position and a spectrum tonight.

Observers, please confirm ! All the best, Bill

(vsnet-discovery-nova 48)

No known variable star, IRAS/MSX5C source, bright 2MASS source is present at this position. The object is very likely a nova or a related eruptive/cataclysmic object.

Taichi Kato

(vsnet-discovery-nova 50)

From: "Paulo Cacella" 
Subject:  Nova in SGR (more data)
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 23:38:45 -0300
Possible nova in SGR as reported by Liller
  Precise Astrometry
  Ra 17h 59m 59.633 s 
  Dec -30 53' 20.52
  Photometry V = 10.1
  CCD image using a 10"SCT with a HX516 CCD 10 sec exposure

  2:14 UT
  Brasilia - Brasil
  16S 48W
Soon I'll send you a link with the image. Checked with A2. No minor Planets.

Paulo Cacella

Images and details at


(vsnet-discovery-nova 53)

Dear all,

Nearest star can be seen on DSS image from Paulo's position 175959.633, -305320.52 [vsnet-discovery-nova 49] is a USNO-A2.0/GSC-2.2 catalogued star:

USNO-A2.0  175959.472  -305318.71  r=16.9 b=19.4
GSC2.2     175959.472  -305318.39  F=15.96
Note that this star somewhat elongated to SE, which indicate that it is a close (separation \sim 1 arcsec) double star.
Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan


(vsnet-alert 7305)

M. Fujii (Fujii Bisei Observatory) obtained the spectrum of the supposed nova (Nova Sgr 2002) on Apr. 18.80 UT.


Fujii reports that the following emission lines are present: strong H-alpha (FWHM=2800km/s), H-beta, Fe II (37,38,42,49,55,74), Na I (5890) and He I(7065). The object is an Fe II-class nova.


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