Nova Sgr 2001 No. 3 = V4740 Sgr

(CCD images by Antonio Giambersio)

IAUC No. 7706 announced the visual discovery of a nova in Sagittarius discovered independently by Alfredo J. S. Pereira (Cabo da Roca, Portugal) and W. Liller (Vina del Mar, Chile).

  Position (J2000.0)
  181145.82 -303049.9 (W. Liller)
  181146.01 -303050.9 (A. Hale)

  YYYYMMDD(UT)   mag  observer
  20010903.979   100r (W. Liller)   independent discovery
  20010905.846    70  (A. Pereira)  discovery
  20010905.868    70  (A. Pereira)
  20010905.880    69  (A. Pereira)
  20010905.898    70  (A. Pereira)
  20010905.904    68  (A. Pereira)
  20010905.928    69  (A. Pereira)
  20010906.026    69  (D. W. E. Green)
  20010906.039    7.27VR (W. Liller)
  20010906.13     70  (A. Hale)

Liller suggests the presence of H-alpha emission on a low-resolution spectrum.

Spectrum and image by Maurice Gavin

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Chart by Reinder Bouma/Edwin van Dijk

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