Nova Sco 1998

(CCD image by Gordon Garradd)

(vsnet-alert 2293)

Nova Sco 1998

IAUC No. 7034 tells the discovery of a bright (apparent) nova in Sco by W. Liller.

   17h 55m 24s.99  (J2000.0, measured by G. Garradd)
   -31o 01' 41".5


  1998 Oct. 17         <11.5 (W. Liller, TP+orange filter)
            21.02-21.04  6.9 (W. Liller, TP+orange filter)
            22.409       7.4C (G. Garradd, CCD unfiltered)
            22.43        8.4mv (A. Jones, visual)

Congratulations to W. Liller! Observations of this bright nova are extremely encouraged.

Taichi Kato


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