Nova Sco 2001 = V1178 Sco

(Discovery image by K. Haseda)

(CCD image by G. Masi)

(CCD images by Antonio Giambersio)

(vsnet-alert 6003)

Possible Nova by Haseda

Katsumi Haseda (Aichi, Japan) reports the discovery of a new variable star, which is apparently a nova or a variable star undergoing a nova-like eruption. The position (accuracy 0".5) of the object was measured as follows by K. Kadota from the discovery image by Haseda. The object is located close to the Sco-Sgr border.

   17h 57m 06s.98  (J2000.0)
   -32o 23' 05".0
Kadota also comments that there was no object brighter than mag 14 on a CCD image taken on 2000 Feb. 24.842 UT.

There is no known variable star at this position. A search on 2MASS and MSX5C catalogs has not revealed any likely counterpart.

Spectroscopic confirmation, as well as multicolor photometry, is very strongly encouraged.

object         YYYYMMDD(UT)   mag  code
PosNova2001    19960326.792  <127p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    19970823.503  <129p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    19970824.508  <123p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    19980330.783  <129p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    19980814.515  <127p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    19981009.415  <123p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    19990221.827  <129p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    19990313.799  <129p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    19990517.788  <123p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    19990803.497  <129p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20000212.837  <123p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20000307.830  <127p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20000313.813  <129p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20000401.798  <129p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20000416.768  <123p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20000429.714  <129p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20000508.741  <129p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20000703.624  <123p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20000708.605  <129p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20000716.585  <123p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20000822.513  <129p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20000917.476  <123p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20010202.860  <120p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20010226.837  <129p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20010319.788  <123p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20010326.803  <123p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20010422.744  <129p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20010513.617  105p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20010517.664  110p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20010528.624  105p  Had.VSOLJ
PosNova2001    20010615.661  104p  Had.VSOLJ

Observer's code:
  Had: K. Haseda (Aichi, Japan)
       Instruments: 10cm F4.0 twin patrol camera +T-Max400(120)

(vsnet-alert 6004)

Possible Nova in Sco.(Haseda's object)

I report the following prediscovery observations on my patrol films. The object may be a slow nova. Congratulations Haseda-san!!

object        YYYYMMDD(UT)   mag  code 
NovaSco2001   20010426.737  <129p  Tmz
NovaSco2001   20010512.643  102p  Tmz
NovaSco2001   20010516.698  112p  Tmz
NovaSco2001   20010520.692  110p  Tmz
NovaSco2001   20010525.660  103p  Tmz

Observer's code
 Tmz: K. Takamizawa (Saku-machi, Nagano, Japan)
 Inst.: 10cm F4 twin patrol cameras + unfiltered T-Max400
 Sequence: GSC 

Kesao Takamizawa 
SASS (Saku All Sky Survey)
Saku-mach, Nagano, 384-0502 Japan 

(vsnet-alert 6005)

On DSS images (Bj for 1st generation, R for 2nd), there is a dim star whose rmag about 17.5 and bmag about 20.

Sincerely Yours,
Hitoshi Yamaoka, Kyushu Univ., Japan

Spectroscopic confirmation

(vsnet-alert 6008)

Hola, Everyone -

At UT June 21.660, using nearby GSC 7382 837 as a standard and adopting V = 9.87, B-V = +0.44, I measured Haseda's nova-like variable with a CCD to have a broadband V magnitude of 10.68 +/- 0.03. A low dispersion objective prism spectrogram recorded with the CCD shows a very intense red line, presumably H-alpha (but remember V445 Pup !), that is approximately 5 times the brightness of the surrounding continuum. H-beta (?) is weakly present indicating that the star is substantially reddened.

Congratulations Haseda-sen for his discovery ! Cheers,

Bill Liller

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