Possible Nova in the LMC

(vsnet-discovery-nova 42)

We have received the following report from W. Liller. There is no registered variable star, nor infrared source (2MASS sources in this field is already released). The position is in the LMC area. If the object is confirmed to be a genuine nova in the LMC, the magnitude of 10.5 make the object a relatively bright nova in the LMC (may fade rapidly). Further observations are strongly encouraged.

In case the object is confirmed to be a nova in the LMC, the VSNET reporting name is LMCnova2002. We tentatively use this name in our upcoming circulars.

Taichi Kato

Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 18:52:03 -0500 From: "W.Liller" Subject: Nova susp.

Hola Everyone -

Please check to see if there is a star at (2000) RA = 5h 36.8m, Dec -71d 36'. On two photos taken at March 3.0651 and March 3.0677, its magnitude with Tech Pan film, no filter, was 10.5. On two photos taken at Feb. 27.0643 and Feb 27.0641, it was about mag 12.5 (through cirrus and with full moon). On two photos taken Feb 21.0620 and Feb 21.0641, nothing was seen down to about mag 15.

Tonight looks good here; I should be able to get a spectrum and a better position.

All the best to all, Bill Liller

(vsnet-discovery-nova 43)


I have just checked the region of the possible nova. Comparison stars: GSC 9171 1402 (10.85), GSC 9171 1417 (10.67) and GSC 9171 1386 (10.89). Instrument: 203mmSCT

    Visual magnitude estimate:
object         YYYYMMDD(UT)   mag  code
LMCnova2002    20020304.100   107  SQH

    Raquel Shida
    (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
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