Nova Cyg 2001 = V2274 Cyg

(CCD image by Denis Buczynski)

(CCD image by Gianluca Masi)

(Spectrum by Maurice Gavin)

We have been informed that Yuji Nakamura, Mie, Japan, has discovered a possible nova in Cygnus. The object was discovered from the photograph (200mm F/4, Tri-X) taken on July 13.651 UT when the object was mag 11.9. The existence of the object was confirmed at July 16.515 UT by H. Fukushima (NAOJ) giving V = 11.69.

K. Kadota (Ageo, Saitama, Japan) reports the following accurate astrometry on his CCD frames:

  2001 07 17.735 UT
  R.A. = 20h07m17s.94  Decl. = +36o04'37".2 (equinox J2000.0)
  12 reference stars from GSC-ACT.
  Mean residuals: 0.11" in R.A., 0.13" in Decl.
  0.18-m f/5.5 reflector. 
At this exact position, there is no star on DSS images to their limiting magnitudes. There is no corresponding 2MASS star at this location.

Spectroscopic confirmation and follow-up photometric observations are urgently requested.


Dr. Iijima has reported the following spectroscpy of the possible nova in Cygnus. The object is indeed a classical nova! Congratulations, Nakamura-san!

Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 05:47:25 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Takashi Iijima 
Subject: Nova Cyg 2001

                                               July 18 2001, Asiago, Italy
Optical spectra in the range from 430 to 680 nm of the possible nova in Cygnus reported by Y. Nakamura were taken at July 17.9 UT using a Boller and Chivens spectrograph mounted on the 122 cm telescope of Asiago Astrophysical Observatory of the University of Padova. The spectra show broad emission lines of H I, Fe II, and probably Na I D and N II. Some prominents emission lines are accompanied by P Cygni type absorption components. The FWHM of H-alpha emission component is about 950 km/s and a weak absorption component blue-shifted by about -1200 km/s is seen. This object could be a classical nova in the early decline stage from light maximum.
T. Iijima
Astronomical Observatory of Padova,
Asiago Station,
I-36012 Asiago (Vi) ITALY

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