Nova Cyg 2001 no. 2 = V2275 Cyg

Nova Cyg 2001 No. 2 = V2275 Cyg

Dear Colleagues,

As some of you have already observing, a bright nova (and looks still brightening!) is discovered in Cygnus! (IAUC 7686)

The discovery was made by Akihiko Tago, Okayama, Japan on his patrol films taken on 18.599 and 18.603 UT. The information was relayed by A. Nakamira immediately to the CBAT. Upon Nakamura's request, K. Ayani, Bisei Observatory, took a spectrum, which shows emission lines of H-alpha and beta, with pronouced P Cyg-profile. This is very characteristic of a spectrun of a nova at premaximum stage (even if it is not in the earliest stage). The nova has further risen to the 6-th magnitude object now, confirming the suggestion from spectroscopy. The brightening of the nova was very rapid. A. Nakamura further noted that the magnitude at the discovery was determined using Tycho sequence, and is directly comparable to subsequent obseravation.

The position is
21h 03m 02s.00 (J2000.0, measured by H. Abe)
+48o 45' 52".9

Congratulations to Tago-san! Until the object receives the permanent GCVS name, please report the object as CYGnova2001-2 in the VSNET reporting format.

CYGnova2001-2 20010815.62 <120p TAG
CYGnova2001-2 20010816.64 <120p TAG
CYGnova2001-2 20010817.64 <120p TAG
CYGnova2001-2 20010818.599 88p TAG
CYGnova2001-2 20010818.603 88p TAG
CYGnova2001-2 20010819.6 66C HAb
Further reports to VSNET:

CYGnova2001-2 20010819.867 7.2 GRL  B7x50      HIP
CYGnova2001-2 20010819.913 67 RMQ.AAVSO
CYGnova2001-2 20010819.848 7.0 BMU   seq. H/T
CYGnova2001-2 20010819.944 69 MUY
CYGnova2001-2 20010819.957 69 RMQ.AAVSO
CYGnova2001-2 20010819.84 6.66V GSo
CYGnova2001-2 20010819.84 7.8B GSo
CYGnova2001-2 20010819.84 6.2R GSo
CYGnova2001-2 20010819.84 5.3I GSo
CYGnova2001-2 20010819.985 72 BRO

(Spectrum by K. Ayani, Bisei Astronomical Observatory)

(vsnet-alert 6362)
Nova Cyg 2001-2 independent discovery

IAUC No. 7687 tells that K. Hatayama (Niigata, Japan) independently discovered this nova.

CYGnova2001 20010818.625 7.0p KHa (preliminary observer's code)

The nova was not seen on Hatayama's films on 2000 Sep. 29, Oct. 22, and 2001 July 21, 25.

(pre-discovery CCD image by Y. Sano)

(CCD image of the nova by Y. Sano)

VSNET light curve (requires Java)

Light curve

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Wide-field chart

Close-up chart

Close-up chart

Chart presented by R. Bouma and E. van Dijk

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