Nova Cir 1999 = DD Cir

(CCD image by G. Garradd)

(vsnet-alert 3385)

Liller's nova suspect

I have received the following nova suspect report from W. Liller. A quick look of catalogs around the reported position has yielded no variable star candidates (within several arcmin) nor 12-micron bright IRAS source. Confirmatory observation is most urgently requested.

Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 14:18:32 -0400
From: "W.Liller" 
Subject: Nova suspect

Dear Dr. Kato -

Last night I photographed a nova suspect as follows:

Mag 7.7 at R.A. 14h 23.6m,  Dec -69d 09'.  Photo taken Aug 23.0125, 1999

Previous photo: July 15.993, fainter than mag 11.

The star about 7 minutes of arc to the northwest has a V mag of 7.35, acc.
to Project Pluto's Guide 7.0.

My photos are taken with Kodak Tech Pan and an orange filter so the
magnitude I give is only roughly V.

The sky looks doubtful for tonight over here, but I'll try for a CCD frame
(to get a more accurate position) and a spectrum (CCD with a 4-inch
diameter prism over the objective).

If someone would confirm it, it would make me very happy!

                                With best personal regards,  William Liller


(vsnet-alert 3387)

Re: Liller's nova suspect I have been able to confirm the nova suspect as reported by W Liller using Guide 7.0. Possible nova 990824.0374 vis. mag 7.5 Rod Stubbings Drouin, Vic Australia.

Astrometry and progenitor

(vsnet-alert 3403)

From: "Andrew Pearce" 
Subject: Re: [vsnet-alert 3402] Nova Cir 1999 early photometry (update)
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 21:54:12 +0800


I managed to observe Nova Circini 1999 through my 16" reflector.  I then
examined the Second Generation DSS image downloaded and together with Bill
Lillers more precise position, I could not identify any progenitor star on the
DSS image.

(vsnet-alert 3404)

Subject: Nova Cir ACT astrometry
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1999 13:50:28 -0000

COD 422
OBS G. J. Garradd
TEL 0.45-m f/5.4 reflector + CCD

Nova Cir      C1999 08 25.36918 14 23 23.453-69 08 45.31           7.4  

5 ACT stars, RMS resdiduals 0".08,  unfiltered magnitude.


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