Nova Cen 2001 = V1039 Cen

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Possible Nova in Cen (Liller)

W. Liller has comminicated the discovery of the following possible nova. There is no known variable star, nor IRAS or MSX5C source.


Hola Amigos -

There is an apparent nova (mag 8.6) on two Kodak Tech Pan photographs taken at UT Oct. 1.0098 and Oct. 1.0107 with an 85mm camera (+orange filter). The approximate location of the star is R.A. = 13h 55.5m, Dec. = -64d 16' (equinox 2000). Nothing brighter than 11.0 appears at this location on photographs taken on Sep. 19.000.

Confirmation is kindly requested. And PLEASE NOTE that in a few more hours, I will be leaving for a 10-day trip to the USA. Therefore, I will be unable to get a precise position or a confirming spectrogram.

Thank you. And all the best to all, Bill Liller


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Possible nova in Cen: confirmation by A. Jones

From: "Albert Jones" 
Subject: Fw: possible nova in Cen
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 20:26:55 +1200
I have just looked at it and at 2001 October 2d 08h 00m I estimates it to be magn. 9.2 compared with nearby stars - magnitudes from the Tycho 2 CD. Bright moonlight !

Best regards,


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I have confirmed Bill Liller's nova suspect as detailed below:

CENnova2001 20011002.542 93 Pea.RASNZ

Magnitude estimate using Tycho Johnson V mags. If VT mags are used, the estimate becomes 9.5.

The suspect's position using Guide 7 was measured as:

RA 13h 55.6m Dec -64 16' (J2000)

Andrew Pearce
Western Australia

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