Nova Cas 1995 light curve on Linander's WWW

I have put light curves for Nova Cas 1995 on:

The curves are based on "Photometry Update No. 13".

Nova Cas 1995 has not been observed so intensively as Nova Cas 1993. Therefore the weighting algorithm developed for Nova Cas 1993 cannot reliably neutralize the subjective element in the estimations. As an experiment I have made a light curve based on daily averages.

The file names are:

n95_w13.gif  -  Weighted light curve of Nova Cassiopeiae 1995
                (Aug-1995 - Jun-1996)
                12039 bytes

n95_a13.gif  -  Daily average light curve of Nova Cassiopeiae 1995
                (Aug-1995 - Jun-1996)
                11044 bytes

As GeoCities provides a free service they guarantee nothing. I suggest that you - if you are interested - copy the files to your own site. also contains light curves for Nova Cas 1993 and CCD images for both novae.

The light curves may be freely used.

The CCD images may be used if credit is given to Amtsgymnasiet i Soenderborg, Denmark.


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