Fading of V751 Cyg

(vsnet-alert 777)

Dear colleagues,

This variable seems fainter than usualy, because last night I saw it at 15.6 mag. 1997 03. 11,125 UT.

My last observation from V751 CYG was made 1996 11. 20,7 UT 13.8 mag.

Yours sincerelly,

Laszlo Szentasko

(vsnet-alert 778)

This cataclysmic variable, embedded in Cyg T1 association, has been suspected to be a VY Scl-type CV. Hope this and confirmatory observations will finally reveal its nature. Observations posted to VSNET since 1994 and reported to the VSOLJ since 1987 (sparce, however) could not reveal any further fading. The event is probably rare. Observations are encouraged!

Readers may also have an access to our ftp chart archive to get a V-band sequence for V751 Cyg.


Taichi Kato

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