About "Mira-List"

(from the heading of Mira Report by Fidrich)

MIRA REPORT NO. 14.                                          1996. Feb.16.
* HAA-VSNET Mira Circular 
Ed.:    R. Fidrich, 1055 Budapest, Balaton. u. 25., Hungary                         
                Mira-List (mailing-list):  miralis@mcse.zpok.hu

This report contains Mira and SR observations from Jan 01 to Jan 31 
(sometimes to Feb 10.) reported to the VSNET or to the HAA.VVS Mira Group.
Observations from well or poorly observed Mira/SR variables are welcomed.

You can join to the recently started Mira-List if You writes a letter to the 
listmanagers: tepi@mcse.zpok.hu or fidusz@iris.zpok.hu
Your comments, suggestions, questions etc. send to the list-address:

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