Hipparcos 001627

(vsnet-chat 615)

G'day Taichi,

   >HIP001627 002020.16 -570948.1   8.58- 9.56  9.09 +1.45  U  P=414d

Some information about this one from other catalogues:

HD 1639               spectrum M4/5 III
SAO 234004      8.60  spectrum K
PPM 330125      8.7   spectrum K
CoD -57 55      8.9v
CPD -57 70      9.9p
GSC 8648 00104  10.34, 9.77, 9.68 +/-0.40

The HIPPARCOS results indicate a low-amplitude LPV, but of course its detailed behaviour awaits our collective scrutiny! Because this one is near S Phe (one of my usual targets) I will add it to my observing list. Hopefully some other observers will do the same.

I have prepared a chart for this object using Tycho V magnitudes; which is coming to you by separate email. Please place it on the VSNET server.

I will be doing a chart for HIP048665 too; but because it is on the horizon all night at the moment I did not feel any urgency. :)

Fraser Farrell

http://www.dove.net.au/~fraserf/   email: fraserf@dove.net.au
traditional: PO Box 332, Christies Beach, SA  5165, Australia

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