New bright late-type variable star near V CVn

(from vsnet-alert 316, Kevin West )

To VS Net,

I would like to draw your attention to my discovery of a new late type variable in Canes Venaticium.

The star is SAO 44590, HD 116475, BD +47 2053 Further details appear in IBVS 4289 and the Astronomer magazine (UK>. The discovery is particularly important because the star has been used for decades as a comparison for V Canes Venaticium. It appears as star 69 on the BAA chart for Y, TU, and V Canes Venaticium (1984 Apr 12).


Kevin West

More Information

(vsnet 528, Chris Lloyd, Feb. 7)

Dear Colleagues,

The discovery that HD116475 is variable was announced recently in VSNET- ALERT 316. The star appears as star 69 on the BAA chart for Y, TU, and V CVn. It is probably an SRb with a period of about 87 days and varies by 0.5 mag. Observers with photoelectric equipment who are interested are encouraged to follow this star. It is relatively bright and the observing season has just begun. Further information is available at

Regards Chris Lloyd

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