Finding charts of two suspected variables in Crux

(vsnet-obs 3219)

G'day all,

Preliminary charts for the new? variables in Crux have been uploaded to the AAVSO FTP site ( Both charts are 1024x768 GIF images - a bit rough, but useable. File names are:

ESB365.GIF - EsB 365 (CCCS 2031, Henize 183, GSC 8659.01394) chart 8979-902.GIF - GSC 8979.00902 chart

Please refer to [vsnet-obs 3179] for further information.

Any observations of these stars are most welcome, and can be emailed to me at: To avoid duplication of data in the various VS archives, please indicate if your obs have *also* been reported to your usual headquarters.

I would also like to obtain photos or CCD images of these stars. These can be emailed as UUencoded GIF/PCX/BMP/JPEG images, or sent by traditional post to:

     PO Box 332
     Christies Beach  SA  5165

Let me know your address if you want your photos returned.

Fraser Farrell
Variable Stars Group
Astronomical Society of South Australia

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