AF Sco and AC Sco

(from vsnet-chat 147)

AC Sco also a non-cv? It's a close neighbour to AF Sco. Is it not strange that often similar peculiar stars or stars with similar records are close neighbours (in the sky), and that novae seem to occur in certain regions during brief periods and occur in other regions during later periods. I don't have examples of it here, but I remember this impression re-occuring several times. In how far is this coincidence? Or is this a matter of mistaken impressions?


Berto Monard

(from vsnet-chat 151)

AC Sco is most likely identical with a GSC star of mag 13.3 at 164635.17 -272316.3 (2000.0), which could be identified with IRAS 16434-2717. This star is probably a red variable. IRAS variability index = 31%.

I-band CCD images of AF Sco and AC Sco fileds

(taken at Ouda Station)

By comparing with the GSC chart, you will find how bright AF Sco and AC Sco shine in the infrared. Both stars are the brightest ones in the CCD frames.

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