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By the way, present Japanese eclipsing binary observers often use what is called "Krakow's table" (SAC) or GCVS 4 for predicting minima times -- prediction sometimes too unreliable. Does anyone know other up-to-date and comprehensive eclipsing binary ephemeris table?

Taichi Kato

The german group BAV also publish these kind of ephemeris ( www; The best way is to use such software, as the one the Belgian Patrick Wils wrote some years ago, where you can update the parameters of the eclipsing stars and print clear predictions for your site.


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The AAVSO Eclipsing Binary Committee has ephemerides for several hundred eclipsing binaries suitable for visual observation that are updated to agree with recent timings of minima. If you send me a name and mailing address, I can send a paper copy of the 1997 predictions. Alternatively, we can probably provide the prediction formulae (JD+PxE) if the Japanese observers wish to calculate their own ephemerides.

-- D. B. Williams

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Information from Roger Diethelm: (thanks a lot!)

From: Roger Diethelm (

The BBSAG is a group of Swiss amateur astronomers which have followed the period behaviour of eclipsing binary stars for over 40 years. We have determined almost 40'000 minima of about 800 different variables in this period by visual, photoelectric an CCD means. Together with the BAV data base, we are able to inform prospectic observers on the currently applicable corrections (O-C values) to the GCVS ephemeris for most of the visually observable eclipsing binaries in the northern sky. If information is needed, I would supply it willingly. I can be reached by e-mail at the address given below.

With my best whishes

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