Outburst of Z Cha

(vsnet-alert 750)

Z Cha appears to be in outburst.

         Date                    Mv

1997 Feb 24.51 UT         12.8        Not a good observation.
         24.54            12.6
	 24.56            12.8

Moonlight interference.

Observer: Michael Mattiazzo
	   Adelaide, South Australia.

(vsnet-alert 751)

I can confirm Mattiazza's report of an outburst of Z Cha:

Z CHA   Feb.24.781   13.2   HJN   Estimate doubtful       
                                 because of bright Moon.

CHAZ 970224.781 132 HJN

VW Hyi seemed unusually bright at 13.4 . Ready for another outburst?

Jan Hers,  Sedgefield, South Africa. 

The 1996 August outburst

The 1996 May outburst

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