Possible outburst of XY Psc in 1985

Abstract: Second known outburst of XY Psc was observed on Jan.12, 1985, at mv=15.0, supporting the dwarf nova classification.

(VSOLJ Variable Star Bulletin, submitted)

S.Fujino (Hamamatsu, VSOLJ)

XY Psc was discovered as an eruptive variable in the neighborhood of a galaxy UGC729 (Pigatto 1972). Althoug the star was at first assumed to be a supernova, the light curve resembled an outburst of a dwarf nova. No further confirming observations have been available and it was not included in the atlas of southern dwarf novae (Vogt and Bateson 1982). The star is classified as UG: in GCVS4.

Photographic and visual search for additional outbursts have been undertaken by the members of VSOLJ. One outburst was caught as follows.

1985 Jan. 12.445 UT, mv=15.0 (S.Fujino, 31cm Wright-Schmidt camera, Tri-X film with PO0 filter)

Duration or the light curve of the outburst could not be determined due to lack of observations. The variable was not visible on Feb.11.

Although details are not known, the observation supports that the object has a recurrent nature and strengthen the dwarf nova classification.


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