New dwarf nova Var43 Her

(vsnet 834)

Dear dwarf nova fans,

According to IBVS No. 4360, Antipin discovered another new dwarf nova (bright!) in the eta Her field.

    16h 25m 01s.7  +39o 09' 26" (J2000.0)
             UG   12.5-17.5p

Antipin reports that the duration of the best-observed outburst is between 12 and 18 days.

Taichi Kato

Detection of possible superhumps (Vanmunster)

(vsnet-obs 4075)

Dear Colleagues,

Unfiltered time-series CCD photometry of Var43 Her (*) at the Center for Backyard Astrophysics Belgium (CBA Observatory), using a 25-cm f/6.3 SCT telescope and ST-7 CCD, on October 13/14, 1996 shows the existence of weak superhumps with a mean amplitude of approx. 0.14 mag. This establishes Var43 Her as a new member of the UGSU-type dwarf novae.

Determination of a superhump period value is extremely difficult due to the short observing window (photometry of Var43 Her in Belgium currently is restricted to approx. 1.5 hours). We therefore would like to request assistance from other observatories, so that multi-longitudinal coverage becomes possible.

The present outburst of Var43 Her was first announced by Ch. Scovil (VSNET message), and detected on Oct. 7, 1996. The object is now fading and any attempts to study the superhumps should be made in the next couple of nights.

Kind regards,
Tonny Vanmunster
CBA Belgium

(*) Var43 Her was discovered by Antipin (IBVS 4360) and is located
    at R.A. = 16h25m01s.7, Decl = +39d09'26" (J2000.0). Magnitude
    range is 12.5 - 17.5p.

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