New dwarf nova near 66 Oph (Var25 Oph)

(vsnet 648)

In IBVS No. 4344, Antipin reports another new dwarf nova located near 66 Oph.

  Var25 Oph

  18h 04m 17s.3  +04o 43' 44" (J2000.0)
      UG  15.0-(21.0p

  Following outburst observations are reported:

     JD      mag
  42957.338 15.40
  42957.370 15.35
  42957.403 15.35
  42957.437 15.40
  42957.469 15.14
  42957.499 15.14
  42961.323 15.35
  42961.499 15.46
  42963.332 15.63
  42963.505 15.57

  44131.297 15.68

  48090.305 14.93
  48091.305 15.29
  48092.427 15.32

The object is reported to be invisible on the POSS, indicating a large outburst amplitude of >6 mag. Follow-up observations are recommended.

Taichi Kato

Comment by Gary Poyner

(vsnet-obs 2940)

** Var25 Oph

Visual observers who are considering adding this object to their programmes should note that there is a mag 15.5 (approx.) star near to the quoted position of Var25 Oph which is not listed in the GSC. This may lead to erroneous outburst alerts, as happened to me last night when I interrupted Tonny Vanmunster from a photometric CCD run looking for confirmation of what I thought was Var25 Oph in outburst (sorry Tonny). If someone could post a CCD image on FTP somewhere, this would be a great help to us poor visual observers.


Comment by Tonny Vanmunster

(vsnet-alert 442)

Dear Colleagues,

Included with this email is a UUENCODED gif file of the Var25 Oph area, based on an 30 sec unfiltered CCD image, obtained last night at the CBA Belgium (request from Gary Poyner). It shows objects to approx. mag 17, and has North up. If you compare the field with the GSC, it will be quite easy to identify the target location of the variable.

I have tried to compress the image as much as possible, but I'd like to apologize to all of you for the remaining 15 Kb. I do hope the image is useful in your efforts to monitor this highly interesting object, which we have added to the CVAP.

Best regards,
Tonny Vanmunster
CBA Belgium

The image:

1996 July outburst

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