New dwarf nova in CrB

Dear dwarf nova fans,

According to IBVS No. 4343 (S.V. Antipin), a dwarf nova was discovered in the xi CrB field.

    16h 00m 03s.7  +33o 11' 15" (J2000.0)
             UG   14.5-(17.5p

The object has two types of outbursts, short ones and long (>15d) ones, though the data suggest the shorter ones are not necessarily fainter. The duty cycle amounts to ~20%. Won't someone add this to his or her monitoring program?

Taichi Kato


chart based on GSC

chart based on GSC, enlarged

Chart by Iida

Chart from Iida's unfiltered CCD image

Note that the magnitudes are only approximate.

The 1996 June outburst

The outburst alert

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